Eat Authentic Italian Cusine at Ristorante Antipasti – Golfers Specials!

If you are looking for Authentic Italian food then you need find one of Fausto DiCarlo's Ristorante Antipasti's. Three locations in Ocean City and food that makes you mouth water. Ristorante Antipasti, 31st & Coastal Highway, Fausto's Ristorante, 116th Street & Coastal Highway, Fausto's Bistro, Howard Johnson 12th St & the Boardwalk. Once you try his great food, you'll be coming back for more! Fausto, a golfer, caters to all size groups and offers great Golfers Specials year round! Not only is the food good, but, Fausto is quite the entertainer. Be careful, he's sometimes known as the “kissing chef” (just the ladies)! Ha! Anyway, I recommend four dishes at his 31St location — Rigatoni Pecoraia, Garlic Steak, Striped Bass, and Timballo. You can find Fausto online at Don't miss out on this treat and tell them you saw it on Who know's what he may have for you!

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